Saturday, May 19, 2012

Munich prepares for the finals

A random set of pictures from a walk into the city, as it gears up for the UEFA Champions League finals, to be held at Allianz Arena tonight, between FC Bayern (the home team) and Chelsea. The city has been buzzing, and good weather combined with copious amounts of beer consumed adds to the mood.

Crowds start to gather around, and these first pictures show the area close to Starbucks and Luigi Tambosi on Ludwigstrasse. In the picture above, tourists stare down from their city-tour bus. There is enough excitement to have a Sky Sport News van cover the proceedings.

There is no lack of support for the home team, even the tricycle below screams 'all in for fc bayern'.

Below, Frauenplatz ... which seemed mostly populated by Chelsea fans.

 And then, of course Marienplatz and Kaufingerstrasse ... a spot which is always very busy on weekends, doubly so today.

A bright Adidas hoarding fits in perfectly with the fans milling around, in reds and blues.

A bunch of fans eyeing a hot dog stand.

A group of Chelsea fans brave a lot of cheering and jeering as they pass through crowds of Bayern supporters. Despite all the beer and excitement, it all appeared under control, and in good 'spirits'!

And finally we reach the end of Kaufingerstrasse,  the Karlptatz Stachus. The huge water fountain at the Karlstor was a convenient spot to congregate as temperatures touched 24 deg C.

Tonight, Munich comes alive! Who are you rooting for ... ?