Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gear: The big new 85mm

105 VR next to the 85 1.8G
 A quick size comparison between the reasonably hefty 105 VR Micro and the new 85 1.8G ... Ever since I returned a copy of one of the older versions, I knew I would get one again, specially if it got updated (so that I can use it on my wife's D3100 as well) ... Along with the 35 1.8G, this focal length makes for a nice two lens kit for me ... So I literally jumped to get the new 85mm ... and managed to get the only copy I could track in-store a few weeks back ... 

Of course, what was a bit of a surprise was the larger size compared to its ancestors ... the new 85mm is a bigger fellow ... as you can see it next to the 105 Micro above ... and you really only realise it when you have it in hand ... As a comparison point, you can see the non-D version (that I had) next to the tiny 24 2.8D below ... This also implies that one of the two tiny Lowepro pouches I used to carry this two lens combo is now useless for this purpose (the Nikon 1 30-110 sits in it now) ...
24 2.8D next to the older 85 1.8 (non-D)
But of course, no regrets, this is a great lens, and I am having fun with it ... even put it on the V1 with an FT1, and tried out the 500D close-up lens with this combo as well ... good fun. The facts that the lens hood is reversible and clicks into place (vs. screw into place in the older version) are also very welcome.

See some shots and other stuff related to the lens here ... (http://rohanthakursphotoblog.blogspot.de/search/label/85%201.8G) ... especially when combined with the V1 and FT1 (just for fun).