Online resources

I bookmark and track a bunch of sites and links online, on all sorts of stuff that I think I might get back to later. This page lists a lot of them (in 4 sections). They are more useful here than in my browser, and this will also help me maintain and sort them from time to time :) Hope you find something new and interesting here. - Cheers, Rohan

Forums that I frequent from time to time ...

Mike Johnston @ The Online Photographer
David duChemin @ Pixelated Image
Ming Thein
Kirk Tuck @ Visual Science Lab
Thom Hogan @ ByThom, @ DSLRBodies, @ Sansmirror 
Scott Bourne @ Photofocus
Arthur Morris @ Birds as Art
Brad Hill @ Natural Art Images
Michael Reichmann @ Luminous Landscape
Nasim Mansurov's site 
Mark Berkery @ Nature's Place
Mike McDowell @ BirdDigiscoper
Ron Reznick @ Digital Images
Juza Photo
Peregrine's Bird Blog (see right side bar for several blog links)
Outdoor Photographer
Jeffrey Friedl's Blog
Articles by Galen Rowell
Joey Lawrence
Dave Hill
Mike Atkinson's bird photography site
W.H. Majoros's brilliant web book on bird photography
Photo Tips @ Earthbound Light
Dairy of a Bird Shooter
Eco Logic @ Nature Conservation Foundation, India
Sharad Apte's Songbirds of India
Bird Photography India @ Google Groups
Some links for beginners, and specific technical topics ...

cambridgeincolour tutorials
Digital Photography Resource Guide
Another DSLR Sensor Cleaning Page
Nature Photography
Understanding Sharpening In Lightroom | Telephoto Reach and Digital Cameras
Removing the Background - Photoshop Magnetic Lasso Tool
Welcome | Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow | dpBestflow
Math for macro photographers
Macro Illustrated « Nature's Place
Nature Photography Instruction
Digital Photography Workflow
Lightroom Tips | Deep Green Photography
Ron Bigelow Articles
Adobe Digital Photography Workflow - 12. Adobe Lightroom Develop Module -
Developing a Professional Digital Photography Workflow - PictureCorrect Tips
HDR Tutorial | High Dynamic Range Tutorial
planet neil – tangents » 08 – exposure comp.
25 of the Best Photographer Portfolio Websites | Photography Websites | Vandelay Design Blog
Digital Photography Tips: Digital Photography School
How To Use A Monopod & Multi-Purpose Tripod
Free Lightroom Preset |
Adobe Labs - Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts
Calibrate Adobe Camera Raw 3.x
Free Lightroom Tutorials - Adobe Lightroom Tips & Tricks |
Adobe Photoshop CS4 * Batch and droplet processing options
Adobe Photoshop CS4 * Convert files with the Image Processor
Photography Composition Articles Library - The Wega2 site
Smart Photo Statistics - gather image statistics
ShutterFreaks -- Getting Close to Wildlife by Stalking